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Everything You Need to Know About On Cloud Shoes

The Innovative Sole

On Cloud Shoes is revolutionizing footwear by blending performance with high fashion. This innovative Swiss brand offers cloud-like cushioning through their patented CloudTec® soles.

The CloudTec® system features hollow cushioned “cloud” pods that compress and rebound with each stride—absorbing impact while providing an energized feel.

Fashion Meets Function

But On Cloud Shoes aren’t just about comfort – they exude runway-ready style too. The sleek, streamlined silhouettes complement activewear and casual looks seamlessly.

Lightweight mesh uppers and minimalist design reduce fatigue for all-day wear. Yet the fashion-forward aesthetics turn heads on city streets and catwalks alike.

A Reviewer’s Perspective

From a reviewer’s perspective, On Cloud Shoes delivers on all fronts. The iconic Cloud sneaker has clean lines and monochrome colorways, perfect for streetwear or dressing up.

The Cloudventure boasts CloudTec® cushioning for adventures in a rugged, water-resistant package with bold hues.

Influencer Approved

But don’t just take our word for it—models and influencers rock OnCloud Shoes at major fashion events worldwide.

Built to Last

These shoes are built to last too, with durable CloudTec® outsoles resisting wear and tear over time.

Join the Revolution

Join the “cloud revolution” and experience the perfect fusion of cushioned comfort and cutting-edge style with On Cloud Shoes. From runways to running trails, these shoes keep you looking fresh while feeling like you’re walking on clouds.

Recent Posts

On Cloud Shoes: The Best Shoes for Cloud Computing Professionals

A well-known company, On  Cloud Shoes, is renowned for creating cutting-edge shoe designs that put comfort and functionality first. The brand offers various shapes and styles with features like speed board functionality, zero-gravity foam, and CloudTec technology, giving customers the best walking experience possible. Many people who want style and practicality in their footwear choose On Cloud Shoes because they are lightweight, adaptable, and appropriate for casual and athletic settings.

Several shoe types featuring CloudTec cushioning are available in On Cloud Shoes range, guaranteeing comfort, support, and longevity. One can pick the Cloud shoe that best meets their demands, regardless of whether they are waterproof, lightweight, or gradient in design. Since 1938, On Cloud Shoes, driven by a love of the great outdoors, has been meeting the varied demands of outdoor lovers by offering top-notch equipment and knowledgeable guidance.


History of On Cloud Shoes

Brand Inception

In 2010David Allemann, Caspar Coppetti, and Olivier Bernhard launched On Cloud Shoes, a Swiss athletic shoe and apparel brand. Former professional triathlete Olivier Bernhard was searching for a running shoe that would offer a natural running sensation and cushioning. After failing to find any that satisfied his needs, he decided to make his Shoes. Together with his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, he set out to design a sneaker that would simulate the sensation of running on clouds.

The shoe, which was intended to offer both cushioning and a natural running sensation, took the three of them six years to develop. Utilizing a special technology they dubbed “CloudTec,” they cushioned and compressed the foot as it struck the ground thanks to a system of pods on the shoe’s sole. The end product was a shoe with superior shock absorption, comfort, and lightness.

Evolution and Growth

When On Cloud Shoes released its first pair of shoes in 2010, runners and sportsmen immediately liked them. The company introduced new shoes and clothing intended for various activities, all while improving its technology and growing its product line.

The third iteration of On Cloud Shoes’ Cloudswift sneakers, which included the company’s HelioTM super foam, was introduced in 2019. The Cloudswift is the ideal urban running shoe because it is lightweight and has excellent traction. The prominent “clouds” on the sole resemble a row of bubbles on the underside.

Presently, On Cloud Shoes is a worldwide brand available in more than 6,000 stores across 55 nations. With 6.6% of the running shoe market, the United States is its largest single market. The business keeps coming up with new ideas and products meant to support athletes in giving their best efforts.

Technology and Design

Modern technology and creative design elements distinguish On Cloud Shoes sneakers from other athletic footwear on the market. The following are some of the main innovations and styling elements that set On Cloud sneakers apart:

Cloud Tech Cushioning

On Cloud shoes’ unique Cloud Tec cushioning system is its core innovation. With the use of individual pods, or “clouds,” that collapse and adjust to the wearer’s footstrike, this technology offers a solid takeoff and a comfortable landing thanks to a novel cushioning mechanism. As a result, runners and other athletes who want the best from their footwear will find the shoe to be responsive and comfortable.

Speed board Innovation

The speed-board innovation of On Cloud sneakers is another important characteristic. This is a thin, flexible plate that serves to equally distribute pressure over the foot by passing through the shoe’s midsole. The end product is a shoe that offers a comfortable and effective ride, enabling runners to run longer and more quickly while preserving energy.

Sustainable Materials

On Cloud shoes are not only developed with cutting-edge technology, but they also prioritize sustainability in their design. For athletes who are concerned about the environment, these shoes are a more eco-friendly option because they are made primarily of recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

All things considered, On Cloud sneakers are a fantastic option for anyone searching for a premium, cutting-edge athletic sneaker that is sustainable and comfy. Even the pickiest athletes will be impressed with these shoes because of their distinctive Cloud Tec cushioning, Speed Board innovation, and dedication to eco-friendly materials.

Product Range

A large selection of footwear appropriate for various sports is available at On Cloud Shoes. For those who are constantly on the go, the shoes are made to be supportive, comfortable, and stylish. The three primary shoe categories that On Cloud shoes offer are listed below.

Running Shoes

The running shoes from On Cloud Shoes are made to be supportive and comfortable for runners. With CloudTec® cushioning technology, the sneakers offer a solid takeoff and a comfortable landing.

Additionally, the shoes’ breathable mesh fabric lets air flow through, keeping your feet dry and cool. Made of sturdy rubber, the CloudTec® sole offers superior traction on every surface. Because the shoes come in a variety of colors, runners can select a look that best fits their individuality.

Lifestyle Footwear

The lifestyle footwear from On Cloud Shoes is made for those who like to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time. The shoes are constructed from premium materials that are fashionable and long-lasting. With CloudTec® cushioning technology, the sneakers offer a solid takeoff and a comfortable landing. Additionally, the shoes’ breathable mesh fabric lets air flow through, keeping your feet dry and cool. You may pick a shoe that matches your lifestyle and personality because it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Performance Sneakers

The performance sneakers from On Cloud Shoes are made for athletes who strive for peak performance. With CloudTec® cushioning technology, the sneakers offer a solid takeoff and a comfortable landing. Additionally, the shoes’ breathable mesh fabric lets air flow through, keeping your feet dry and cool. The shoes are constructed from premium materials that are fashionable and long-lasting. Because the shoes come in a variety of colors and styles, you can select a pair that best matches your appearance and performance requirements.

In conclusion, On Cloud Shoes provides a large selection of shoes appropriate for various activities. For those who are constantly on the go, the shoes are made to be supportive, comfortable, and stylish. On Cloud Shoes features a shoe that will fit your demands, whether you are a performance-oriented person, a fashion fanatic, or a runner.

Customer Experience

Sizing and Fit

The fit of a shoe is among its most crucial features. Since On Cloud shoes tend to run tight, buyers with broader feet might want to think about getting a wide model, according to Honest Brand Reviews. On the other hand, the shoes ought to fit true to size for people with average or narrow feet.

A useful sizing guide with measures in millimeters and information on both US and EU sizes can be found on the On Cloud website. Customers who are in between sizes or who are unclear about their size may find this guidance extremely useful. Within the 30-day trial period that the company offers, customers can try on the shoes and exchange them for a different size for free.

Customer Support

Customers have given On Cloud positive feedback regarding their customer service. One tech traveler reports that the company’s customer support staff is kind and quick to respond. Customers can feel more at ease knowing that the firm provides a two-year warranty on all of its shoes.

Cloud’s website also features a useful FAQ section that answers often-asked questions and concerns. If customers have any more queries or concerns, they can get in touch with the business by phone or email as well. All things considered, it seems that On Cloud values client pleasure and has gotten good reviews for it.

Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social networking are all important components of On Cloud Shoes’ effective digital marketing plan. The business is well-known on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where it frequently shares information about events, promotions, and new goods. In addition, On Cloud Shoes runs a successful email marketing campaign, providing subscribers with updates on new product releases, special deals, and discounts regularly.

On Cloud Shoes prioritizes SEO in addition to email marketing and social media. The business has made sure that its website is search engine optimized so that it appears highly when users enter relevant keywords. Sales and internet traffic have increased as a result of this.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

On Cloud Shoes has partnered with and sponsored several well-known athletes, groups, and occasions. As a result, On Cloud Shoes has become more well-known and is now regarded as a top brand in the running shoe industry.

The collaboration between On Cloud Shoes and Swiss tennis player Roger Federer is among its most well-known ones. Federer serves as the brand’s worldwide ambassador and has contributed to the company’s promotion through a variety of initiatives and gatherings. Other athletes with whom On Cloud Shoes has partnered include Ironman winner Tim Don and Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig.

On Cloud Shoes has supported some well-known occasions, like the Boston Marathon and the Ironman World Championships. As a result, On Cloud Shoes has become more well-known and is now regarded as a top brand in the running shoe industry.

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